Begin by taking photos: Photos give me a good idea of what needs to be done and what it will cost.  Please send them to my email at:

  1. If possible, take 3-5 digital photos of your painting. Taking them indoors works quite well although the flash setting should be off to prevent glare. This should include at least one image each of both the front and back of the full painting. Take close-ups of damage or areas of concern.

  2. Take measurements of the length and width of the painting , not including the frame. This is generally easiest from the back of the painting if it is not papered.

  3. If the project involves the restoration of the frame, please submit photos of the areas needing repair and the work to be done.

  4. After I receive your email, I will review your information and call you to discuss the estimate and work to be done. Please include your best phone contact # and when would be most convenient for me to call.

  5. Upon agreement, a conservation treatment proposal and quote will be mailed out within one week at no charge. If terms outlined are agreeable, the form should be signed and emailed/mailed/faxed back to me.  Some orders may require a 50% deposit.


 How to Package and ship yourself;

From a local pack and ship store, buy a cardboard box known as a picture box or mirror box. Allow for 2” of space all around your painting. For example if the painting is 20” X 30”, buy a box that is at least 24” x 34”. It is best to first wrap the painting with paper to prevent the bubble wrap from sticking to the varnish.  After the paper wrapping, you can further wrap with bubble wrap or any other packing material. Place it in the box with fome- cor or extra cardboard sheets on either side of the painting. Seal all open edges with packing tape before shipment. Please be sure to contact me to let me know you are shipping your artwork.

Have someone else do it:

You may want to bring it to a UPS, FEDEX or a pack and ship store that will box it up for you. In either case you may want to obtain shipping insurance from whatever carrier you decide to use. I will contact you as soon as I receive it to let you know it arrived.

Art Shipping Service;

For those who wish to use an art shipping service, The C&C company (800) 330-8985 handles Palm Beach, Miami and Broward counties. They will deliver from any of these counties to my address.

Address the package to:

Tess Everett Murphy Fine Art Restoration
312 SE Martin Ave.
Stuart, FL 34996