Welcome to Tess Everett Murphy Fine Art Restoration

Welcome to Tess Everett Murphy Fine Art Restoration

Welcome to Tess Everett Murphy Fine Art RestorationWelcome to Tess Everett Murphy Fine Art RestorationWelcome to Tess Everett Murphy Fine Art Restoration


". . . she's the one!"

"Tess Murphy is a sensational art restorer. Done two for us. If you have anything you want done, she's the one!" - Ira Smith

". . . true professional"

"Tess is a true professional; careful, thorough and reasonably priced" - Smith Brothers Fine Art

"Beautiful restorations"

"Beautiful restorations. I would recommend her for any work you have to repair or restore. Fabulous!" - Janet Bucher Long

". . . We were thrilled . . ."

"Tess did a fantastic job restoring a family painting of my great, great grandfather's ship. We were thrilled with the results and were very surprised to see the painting come to life. It did not even look like the same painting. We would highly recommend her services to anyone." - Kathryn Joy

". . . skills are exceptional."

"Tess Murphy performs exceptional Fine Art restoration. Tess has restored all of our maritime art as well as repaired damaged frames from moving. Her gold-leafing skills are incredible. Tess was a true find when we moved to the Stuart area and we now only use her for our paintings. Her restoration experience is old world and that is extremely difficult to find in today’s workplace." -   

Cassie Robbins

"What a perfectionist!"

" Tess took the time and love to touch up my 86 yr old "hand colored portrait" of my husband! What a perfectionist! She is a wonderfully generous and caring person and it was a pleasure meeting her and watching her work! I would highly recommend her for any restoration work you may have!" -  Bobbie Randolph Naylor

Professional restoration reasonably priced

Restoration and Conservation Services

Fine Art Restoration, Stuart, Palm Beach, South Florida, Vero Beach,  Fort Pierce,  Jupiter Island

 From a simple cleaning or tear to more extensive work such as; smoke damage, water damage or mold damage, Tess can bring back the beauty to your artwork so it can be once again be appreciated and passed down to further generations. 

 If both your painting and your frame are in need of repair, why not get the whole project completed together. 




  • Expedited service for emergencies.
  • Appraisals and damage/loss reports for insurance claims.
  • Detailed documentation with photographs on work performed.
  • more info. . . .

Services for Paintings

Fine Art Restoration, Stuart, Palm Beach, South Florida, Vero Beach,  Fort Pierce,  Jupiter Island


  • Repair tears, holes and, scratches
  • Cleaning; remove dirt and discolored old varnish 
  • ​Removal of smoke residue
  • Repair of flaking, peeling and cracking paint
  • Inpainting of missing and damaged areas
  • Repair of water damage
  • Repair of mold damage
  • Reline canvases that are weak, brittle or badly torn.
  • Application of high quality, non- yellowing picture varnish   
  • Written and photographic documentation can be provided on all aspects of condition and treatment.
  • more info. . . .

Services for Frames

Fine Art Restoration, Stuart, Palm Beach, South Florida, Vero Beach,  Fort Pierce,  Jupiter Island

 Frames may have lost pieces of ornament or are otherwise damaged and dirty, are coming apart at the corners, or the wire is frayed or disconnected from the frame. Frames or even stretchers may have termite damage and need to be fumigated. 



  • Small chip repairs
  • Gilding and re-gilding
  • Gesso rebuilding
  • Recreation of missing ornament pieces
  • Reinforcing corners
  • more info. . . .

 Choose the premiere expert in art restoration in Martin County and Indian River County. Contact Tess Everett Murphy for your free consultation. Call 772-834-4529, or email tess@tesseverettmurphy.com. 

How to get a free consultation and preliminary estimate.

Fine Art Restoration, Stuart, Palm Beach, South Florida, Vero Beach,  Fort Pierce,  Jupiter Island


Begin by taking photos: Photos give me a good idea of what needs to be done and what it will cost.  Please send them to my email at: tess@tesseverettmurphy.com.

  1. If possible, take 3-5 digital photos of your painting. Taking them indoors works quite well although the flash setting should be off to prevent glare. This should include at least one image each of both the front and back of the full painting. Take close-ups of damage or areas of concern.
  2. Take measurements of the length and width of the painting , not including the frame. This is generally easiest from the back of the painting if it is not papered.
  3. If the project involves the restoration of the frame, please submit photos of the areas needing repair and the work to be done.
  4. After I receive your email, I will review your information and call you to discuss the estimate and work to be done. Please include your best phone contact # and when would be most convenient for me to call.
  5. Upon agreement, a conservation treatment proposal and quote will be mailed out within one week at no charge. If terms outlined are agreeable, the form should be signed and emailed/mailed/faxed back to me.  Some orders may require a 50% deposit.
  6. More info. . . .

Shipping Instructions

Fine Art Restoration, Stuart, Palm Beach, South Florida, Vero Beach,  Fort Pierce,  Jupiter Island

 How to Package and ship yourself;

From a local pack and ship store, buy a cardboard box known as a picture box or mirror box. Allow for 2” of space all around your painting. For example if the painting is 20” X 30”, buy a box that is at least 24” x 34”. It is best to first wrap the painting with paper to prevent the bubble wrap from sticking to the varnish.  After the paper wrapping, you can further wrap with bubble wrap or any other packing material. Place it in the box with fome- cor or extra cardboard sheets on either side of the painting. Seal all open edges with packing tape before shipment. Please be sure to contact me to let me know you are shipping your artwork.

Have someone else do it:

You may want to bring it to a UPS, FEDEX or a pack and ship store that will box it up for you. In either case you may want to obtain shipping insurance from whatever carrier you decide to use. I will contact you as soon as I receive it to let you know it arrived.

Art Shipping Service;

For those who wish to use an art shipping service, The C&C company (800) 330-8985 handles Palm Beach, Miami and Broward counties. They will deliver from any of these counties to my address.

Address the package to:

Tess Everett Murphy Fine Art Restoration
312 SE Martin Ave.
Stuart, FL 34996 

More info. . . .


Fine Art Restoration, Stuart, Palm Beach, South Florida, Vero Beach,  Fort Pierce,  Jupiter Island

 Should my painting be cleaned?

As a painting ages, it normally takes on a duller and less colorful appearance. This usually happens imperceptibly over many years and is caused by ... read more
But aren’t you destroying the patina by cleaning it?
When people refer to patina they are often talking about the “golden glow”, the look of yellowed varnish over a painting as well as the dirt that gradually over time becomes ingrained in the paint, thus dimming the details and dulling the colors. In oil paintings, “true patina” refers to ... read more

What is lining?
Lining a painting refers to applying a new canvas support to the back of a stretched canvas painting. Reasons that this type of treatment might be needed are ... read more

What is re-lining?

Relining is the same procedure as lining, only it refers to a painting that had been previously lined. Linings done in the 19thc were ... read more

What is edge lining?

If the canvas is of good strength but weak or splitting along the tacking edge, then a strip of fabric can be adhered to the inside edge and the canvas restretched.

What is reversibility?

Reversibility refers to conservation work that does not permanently alter the artwork. It is important that any repairs performed can be removed or “reversed’ at any point in the future.

What are condition reports?

Condition reports are written reports with photographs which document the condition the artwork was in at the time of the initial examination. The recommended treatment is discussed and if it is decided to proceed, the report documents the treatment as it progresses to completion.

What determines the cost?

The size of the painting and the time spent on it are the two main considerations in the cost. Materials and equipment used are built into the cost ... read more

How long does it take? ​
The average for a painting with a moderate amount of restoration is 4 - 6 weeks. A small tear to repair could be a week or two.

Tess Everett Murphy cleaning 17th Century Painting

Old discolored varnish can be safely removed without causing any harm to the paint layer.

About Tess Everett Murphy

Fine Art Restoration, Stuart, Palm Beach, South Florida, Vero Beach,  Fort Pierce,  Jupiter Island

     Tess is a member of the American Institute of Conservation and stays current with the latest information and treatments. Proper conservation materials and techniques are always used to minimize intervention and ensure reversibility.  More info. . . .

Below Image:  Tess Everett Murphy demonstrates frame restoration to the Woman's Club of Stuart 

Fine Art Restoration, Stuart, Palm Beach, South Florida, Vero Beach,  Fort Pierce,  Jupiter Island

 Tess Everett Murphy is a third generation trained specialist in the restoration of oil paintings and frames. After completing her BS degree at UMass in 1981, she began her training in England as an apprentice to the well known art restorer Guy V. Reed who in turn had trained under Helmut Ruhemann, for four decades the foremost authority in the field as consultant restorer to London’s National Gallery and Chief of Technology for the Courthauld Institute in London. He was a world expert in restoring old master paintings and helped to found the International Institute of Conservation in London, 1950. He is credited with the modern concept of the cleaning of paintings. 

 After her apprenticeship Tess returned to the US where she has owned her own restoration service in both Massachusetts and Florida. As an independent art restorer for over 30 years, Tess is recognized as an expert and fully qualified to manage all treatments and restorations of oil paintings. She manages projects from a simple cleaning to full restorations of paintings on canvas and panel (wood, metal). Gilded wood and gesso frames can be proficiently restored on request.  

 Tess has given lectures at private clubs, historical societies, museums and been featured on radio interviews. 


The Backus Gallery

Koman Fine Art

Palm City Art and Frame

Peter’s Gallery

Chandler Gallery

Elliot Museum

George William Smith Art Museum


The Florida Club

Melange Art and Antiques

State Farm Insurance large loss division

Dianne’s Interiors

Sharon Whitney Interiors

Sandra Neustadter Gallery

And many other private and non-profit clients